Passion Pictures is an Academy Award-winning studio specialising in character animation. Passion is represented exclusively by Unlisted in Asia, Australia & NZ.

With studios in London, Paris & Barcelona, Passion Pictures is home to twenty-six unique directors who work across all forms of animation & content creation. Passion produces award-winning work for commercials, short films, series, features, games trailers & experience.

Passion is an industry leader in animated character creation & storytelling. Among its many notable works is Zima Blue, produced for the Netflix series, Love, Death & Robots, its recent commercials for Standard Chartered, Erste Bank & McDonalds; & the long running Compare the campaign featuring Aleksandr Orlov, a Russian meerkat oligarch. Passion is home to industry leading directors such as Darren Walsh, Kyra & Constantin, againstallodds, Mark Waring, Mads Broni, Jon Saunders, Robert Valley, Sam Fell, McBess & Russell Brooke.

Passion specialises in stop motion, 2D, 3D & mixed-media animation & is the proud recipient of innumerous awards including an Academy Award, Annie Awards, The One Show, Shots Gold & British Arrows Gold. Over the past 30 years, Passion has partnered with the biggest, best & brightest clients in the world & built a reputation for creating the most innovative, most arresting work in the industry.

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