Unlisted has Australia's top animation directors & a state-of-the-art local animation studio. Home to Julian Frost, Jeremy Mansford, Simon Robson & Oh Yeah Wow.

Unlisted's Studio is home to Australia & New Zealand's top animation & film directors. Backed by Unlisted's state-of-the-art animation team & facility, these talented folks, including Julian Frost, Jeremy Mansford, Simon Robson & Darcy Prendergast (of Oh Yeah Wow) create CGI, VFX, 2D animation, character design & more in the centre of Melbourne. 

Unlisted's Studio offers our region local solutions for shooting, directing & animating. We've worked for clients as diverse as Agoda, Spotify, Mentos, Optus & Maccas. We've collaborated with advertising agencies, brands, TV networks, government bodies, entrepreneurs, music labels & cultural institutions. No matter what your business, we can help devise & produce world-class animation & film content for you. Whether you're starting from a script, a brief or just an idea, Unlisted's Studio can help shape & produce your project. 

Unlisted's Studio directors & artists love to collaborate. Speak to us at any stage in your journey.